August 17

Malamute puppies

The appearance of a young four-legged friend in the house is both a pleasant chore and an awareness of the responsibility of his care [...]
August 11

Good dog nutrition

Correct and balanced nutrition is the key to the health of your beloved pet, a long and happy pet life. Due to the [...]
August 5

How to make your domestic puppy safe

A puppy at home is always in a good mood. But besides that, it is also a great responsibility. After all, the owner must not only provide the [...]
August 2

How to take good care of your puppy's claws

When a puppy appears in the house, it portends not only great joy, but also responsibility for the animal. Indeed, the development of the animal and [...]
July 28, 2021

Wean the puppy from the bite

An involuntary bite of a puppy or adult dog while playing can have unwanted consequences. To avoid this, it is necessary to start weaning by [...]
July 19, 2021

How to take good care of your dog's mouth cavity

Step By Step Guide To Teeth Cleaning Procedure The Problem With Teeth Due To Poor Maintenance Does Not Just Arise [...]
July 15, 2021

How to teach your puppy to ride

Going to the vet or traveling with a pet, short or long distances, is usually accompanied by a car. For the dog to appreciate [...]
July 6, 2021

Features of care for your dog's ears

Hygiene and proper maintenance of four-legged friend - the guarantee of health. But not all dog owners have an idea of [...]
July 3, 2021

Prevention of tartar in dogs

The reasons for training and advice on oral care of the animal In the process of the close of human existence with the dog, [...]